The Online Leadership Development Program for Women Who Want to Build Confidence, Lead Effectively and Get Paid What They're Worth

The Online Leadership Development Program for Women Who Want to Build Confidence, Lead Effectively and Get Paid What They're Worth



Join Superwoman CEO™ as an affiliate….make passive income while serving and supporting women who want to take their careers to the next level.

Clients Who Benefit From This Program

A WomAn who….

Despite being super qualified to get that promotion - being earmarked “high potential” and wanting to advance – she can’t seem to convince the powers that be to move her ahead.

Is offered a high visibility stretch assignment, and is left to figure it out on her own – sink or swim – without the mentorship and support she needs.

Gets her hopes up when she’s been invited to join important meetings but when she attends is ignored or finds her ideas are being overlooked.

Has had a hit to her confidence and begins to doubt herself: “What if I fail?” and “Who am I to try something I’ve never done before”, or “There’s so much at stake?” and because of her doubt she lets key opportunities slip by.

In short...

  • An emerging female leader – who wants to be successful…
  • Without being someone she’s not...
  • On her own terms...

What One Client Says:

As a woman executive, Alicia was the ideal professional coach to guide me to be more effective in my role, and in managing my career. She is an expert listener, and can distill lots of information into salient and relevant facts. The things she taught me advanced my professional maturity, and gave me amazing tools to help handle difficult situations. I am a better leader because of our time together.
~ Diane Woods, Former VP and General Manager of North America at Timberland

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For full details on the modules and affiliate payments please view the video on this page.


Students can begin at any time. Once they enroll they receive their login information and password which they will need to keep to get into the program.

Each module with 3-4 lessons drops every ten days to allow enough time for the lesson and fieldwork.

The course is self-paced so if someone want to slow down or is not able to complete a module even if the next module becomes available, they are able to go back to where they stopped.

Students have access to the course for the lifetime of the course. Even when the price goes up next year and with enhancements, students will be able to access the course at no extra charge.

There is a community Facebook page where I'll be group coaching and doing Facebook live. This is a place they will join that provides sharing and additional support.

Both versions, The Independent Study and the VIP Edition offer group coaching via Facebook Live.  The VIP Edition offers three one/one private sessions in addition. This level is best for those who need a confidential forum in which to express their challenges. Typically more senior level (VP) will use this level as they are not free to share select challenges.


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