I help people have conversations with themselves.
— Alicia M. Rodriguez
Alicia M Rodriguez

Alicia M. Rodriguez, M.A., P.C.C.

Personal Advisor and Coach to Executive Women, Visionary Leaders, Social and Creative Entrepreneurs and Change Agents. Leader. Author. Speaker.


Sophia Associates, Inc.

Alicia is driven by a natural curiosity about what is possible.  She offers her intuition, imagination and keen sensibilities combined with twenty years of business experience to work with current and emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Her clients know Alicia as a “wisdom partner” for her ability to tap their inherent wisdom and to cultivate breakthrough thinking within themselves and in their organizations. Her forté lies in her ability to create forums for meaningful dialogue that generate shifts in personal leadership and organizational alignment.  She is a catalyst for unfolding conversations at the deepest level.

Alicia’s clients are:

·       Visionary Leaders

·       Social and Creative Entrepreneurs

·       Women in Leadership – special focus - Alicia’s style, academic background and experience make her a catalyst for tapping the best of women in leadership

·       Leadership Teams building cohesiveness and effectiveness


·       Leaders and Legacy Issues – next chapter

·       Individuals seeking a deeper connection to life and work as the foundation of their leadership

·       Developing Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills

·       Mindfulness, Authenticity, Resiliency, Organizational Execution of Vision and Purpose

In her coaching and group development work she focuses on: 

·       Developing high-integrity, self-aware leaders that inspire as well as execute strategically

·       Supporting leaders who are making a significant difference and contribution to the world

·       Developing alignment in teams that produces results while building trust, feedback skills and collaborative competency

·       Convening leadership team conversations around what is essential to the emerging future of the organization

·       Guiding clients to develop creative thinking that results in higher levels of personal and organizational agility and resilience

·       Creating experiential learning events that include Nature and the outdoors as a learning lab

Alicia combines her expertise in leadership development, experiential learning and a whole systems approach to guide her clients to innovative thinking that results in higher levels of personal and organizational agility and resilience. She achieves sustainable and generative results from building leadership into multiple levels in the organization.

She is the creator of the Superwoman CEO™ online leadership development program for women. This convenient and affordable course is available to organizations and individuals who are committed to developing leadership skills for emerging women leaders. The self-paced course teaches women to lead effectively, builds confidence and develops women for greater agency and influence within organizations.

As President of Sophia Associates, Inc. she has worked with C-level executives to develop talent in their organizations.  She was chosen to coach executives at The Notre Dame Executive MBA Program. Her coaching often focuses on cultivating a leader’s ability to make decisions in the face of ambiguity, to manage competing commitments and to develop the skills to build collaborative relationships cross-culturally.

Alicia has worked with individuals and teams in such industries as retail services, technology, hospitality, real estate development, and health care and in both for-profit and non-profit settings. Clients include: Sodexo, Combined Properties Incorporated, the Executive MBA Program at Notre Dame, International Center for Research on Women, the Inspirit Foundation, Guidestar, Anne Arundel Community College Foundation, Bright Focus Foundation, Nautica, Timberland, VF Corporation, Hospice of the Chesapeake and many others.

Personal Development:

Alicia's personal development work focuses on Conscious Living. Conscious living means choosing to live and thrive with intention, understanding one’s authentic nature and creating a life and work that is aligned with the greatest expression of that.

Personal and Group Retreats:

Alicia is the owner of Quinta Oasis, her private home on the coast of Ecuador where she invites her clients for reflection and renewal. She has created a customized offering of a very personal retreat that includes one to one coaching and a customized program for individuals seeking to go into a deeper inquiry into purpose, transitions, legacy and renewal.  She invites clients to visit her at her home in Ecuador to renew, restore and re-energize. Her women's retreats sell out quickly to women who are looking for a “time in” to reflect on their lives, leadership and business in a setting of beauty and spirit in Ecuador. 


Alicia is an avid writer.  For five years she has wrote a column for Smart CEO DC/Baltimore magazine and has been published in numerous paper and online publications.  She writes regularly on Medium and for Thrive Global. She is an advocate of women in leadership and diversity in organizations and has assisted corporate clients to develop talent management programs to address the active leadership development of diverse populations. Her articles are a resource to her clients for emerging thinking on leadership, technology and business.  Her most recent book, Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You: More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days contains daily inspiration and practices for busy individuals who desire to cultivate mindfulness and conscious living as a way of being in the world.

Alicia’s Approach:

A life-long learner, Alicia walks her talk, regularly expanding her domain of knowledge through engagement both as a speaker and a participant in traditional learning seminars and non-traditional experiential learning.  She works with all domains of learning – intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual - to draw out the essence of personal leadership. She enjoys taking clients and teams out of their normal environment into Nature to challenge their behaviors and assumptions on how to collaborate and lead effectively.


Alicia has a Masters of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts with a specialty in women's development and is an ICF P.C.C. level certified coach.  She graduated from the prestigious Leadership Coaching Certification Program at Georgetown University. She is certified in several assessment tools including the cutting edge individual and group profile from The Leadership Circle™ a 360 process she uses in her leadership development programs.


Alicia lives in Salango, Ecuador in her quinta overlooking the Pacific Ocean. She enjoys yoga, writing and walking long stretches of the white sand beach near her home.  She studies ancestral wisdom traditions to support her leadership and personal development work. Her clients visit her in Ecuador when they are ready to undertake their personal Hero/ine's Journey.