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Paying It Forward

A Story

Many years ago, I was "in a bad way". I was in my late twenties. I didn't know what my path was and at that time, there wasn't much support for a young women entering business with ambition and drive. But I was lucky. I met a business man who recognized a spark in me. I still remember his words, "Kid, you need a leg up." This was Denver in the oil boom days so I suppose I was a kid to him. He mentored me for a year and taught me about business and most importantly he taught me to see myself as a leader. At the end of the year I asked him how I could repay his generosity. He said, "Pay it forward."  And ever since then I have found ways to pay it forward, quietly and behind the scenes.

So I offer this to you as part of my commitment to pay it forward for all my mentors and advocates that noticed something in me I could not see and challenged me to keep reaching for my potential.  

I'd like to show you the greatness in you that you may not see in yourself.

The Offer

This offer is only for those who are ready to channel their potential through leadership, who are ready to see themselves as more capable, confident, effective and courageous in service of others.

Because of this it is a VERY LIMITED offer and it is only good 7 days from the time you see this page.

Schedule a complimentary 45 minute coaching session to address one leadership challenge or inquiry  where you may need support, a plan, a shift in perspective or resolution. 


Suggested Leadership Topics

These are three areas of leadership that you may want to address in your session. You may have another.

Leading Self

Leading Self

Leading self

The best leaders know the value of self-care. They understand that they must be well, in spirit, mind, body and heart, in order to be at their best and to lead with purpose. This session will teach you to better manage your time and energy. You'll learn how to remain resilient even in tough times. Because women have so many important roles - caretakers, CEO's, change agents and more - it's important to know practical things you can do to create harmony between your personal life and your business life and how to maintain your well-being and positive attitude.

Power and Confidence

Power and Confidence

power and confidence

Let's redefine your relationship to Power. I'll share with you an alternative to "power over", a way to blend the active and receptive energy of women leading that builds confidence and helps you tap into an authentic leadership style as a powerful woman. True power comes from within, channeled into the purpose and vision we hold for our future, always flowing and moving forward. From "badass" to "steward" women must learn to remain present and navigate powerfully in difficult situations that are unprecedented, unclear and complex.




The mistake is to believe that you build a legacy later in life. The moment you claim the leader in you is the moment you begin to build your legacy. This session is for those mature women who are seeking the next chapter in their lives, a chapter based in wisdom, experience and agency, as a way to contribute to the significant issues of our time.

I help people have conversations with themselves.
— Alicia M. Rodriguez