"Don't be intimidated by what you don't know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else." ~ Sara Blakely


Women in Leadership

Integrative Leadership is the harmonious blending of active and receptive energy, regardless of gender.  Women's programs are geared to meet the realities of work and culture and to empower women to bring all of their talents and skills to innovate and impact their organizations.

Emerging Leaders Development

During a nine-month program emerging and new leaders learn the skills to better manage themselves, their teams and their bosses. This program begins with a 360 assessment on whose results we customize monthly half day sessions and private coaching sessions. Because learning is in cohorts, a common leadership language is created while building valuable cross functional relationships.

Rock Your Career: A Step by Step Course To Becoming The Leader You Were Meant To Be

Do you ever feel like every promotion leaves you to sink or swim? Getting your own coach is expensive. Training takes days out of your schedule. And University programs take too long. Now there's a better way. At your pace, at your convenience and affordable. Rock Your Career is a comprehensive Five Module, Eighteen Lesson Online Course for New Managers and Emerging Leaders. Learn More Here.

Five Essential Questions Leadership Team Facilitation

In a retreat setting leadership teams work on the Five Essential Questions that create cohesion and a powerful vision for the emergent future. Leaders learn how to engage authentic conversations from the heart to inspire their personal leadership narrative. From the answers to those questions leaders share their visions and activities for the future.

Other Topics for Facilitation and Workshops

The Space In Between: Managing Up While Managing Down

Temperament: Understanding diverse work styles for more effective collaboration

How to Get Known: Creating Your Personal Brand

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