Our Professional Coaching Packages are for individuals who are seeking development opportunities through Coaching.

Our Corporate and Organizational Programs are customized in collaboration with the organization and its requirements.

For corporate coaching engagements please contact us to discuss how we can serve you.

To Schedule a 30 minute Complimentary Consultation to determine which service is right for you...

Laser Coaching One Hour Session

Sometimes all you need is one hour of laser focused dialogue to resolve a problem or clarify a decision that needs to be made. This one hour laser coaching session is for clients who have worked with me previously or would like to try one coaching session without committing to an extended engagement.


$325.00 Payable in full

Package of Three Sessions

The package of three sessions to be used in one month addresses a complicated problem that requires quick resolution and is in process. These sessions are best for brainstorming solutions, learning influencing techniques and managing a team through a project. 

Some clients use this package as a refresher after a previous long term engagement or as a check in once or twice a year. These sessions are best when only one session is not enough but an extended engagement is not necessary or possible.


$975 Payable in full

Insights Intensive

In this two-hour intensive session you’ll focus on resolving one key challenge in your life and work. You will identify what is getting in the way of taking purposeful action, stop ineffective behaviors, learn techniques for self-management and build confidence to take next steps.

By the end of this session you will have a new perspective on your challenge and a range of possibilities that you could not have imagined previously. You will be clear on what you want, feel empowered in your situation, experience more focus and know what you need to do next to achieve a positive outcome.

You will have additional email support from me for a week after our session. We will also schedule a 30-minute check in thirty days after our session to gently hold you accountable for your commitments to yourself.


·       You are seeking career advancement and need to quickly identify your strengths and areas for development.  You will learn how to effectively articulate your value and how to strategize a pro-active career plan.

·       You’re anticipating growth in your business and need to think through a new vision for the future and recalibrate your mission and purpose to meet the future.

·       You define yourself as an introvert, but want to work on ways to build relationships that nourish rather than deplete you. You will learn new practices to help you engage situations assertively and authentically so others hear your ideas and you are able to influence outcomes.

·       You’re not quite ready for a long-term commitment to your development but feel called to explore what it would be like to take the first steps in your development with an experienced mentor.

·       You are experiencing a difficult change in your life or work and need clarity about where to focus your energy, what to let go of and how to move through this situation with minimal anxiety and stress.

·       You are interested in learning mindfulness practices that you can incorporate to better manage stress, minimize reactiveness, maintain composure and build resiliency. These practices will result in greater ease, more effective decision-making and a sense of lightness and peace in any situation.


$750.00 Payable in Full

Half Day or Full Day Visioning Intensive

For urgent, significant or time sensitive challenges that require extreme focus, new perspectives and accountability for decisive action. 

Includes a detailed application, my review of pre-intensive materials, additional resources and one week of email follow up support.


·       You want to start a new business and need clarity on your approach, your market and your offers 

·       You’re experiencing a life transition that requires important decisions and you need support envisioning your future and gaining clarity on what truly matters to make the best decision

·       You are dealing with a stressful change at work, a difficult employee or manager situation and you need techniques to maintain your composure, communicate effectively or promote a new vision for the direction of your business

·       You find you are over-extended and need to quickly clarify your priorities, let go of non-essentials, find alternatives to ineffective solutions and implement ways to regroup in the midst of a difficult time

·       You are feeling stressed and burnt out and want to integrate new practices that build your resiliency, generate new optimism, clarify your personal values and maintain your health and wellbeing regardless of your situation

·       You need support in taking the next steps in your life or career leveraging your current experience and skills while maintaining your authenticity, confidence and energy.

·       You are spending too much time and energy on things you cannot control and need to quickly clarify where to focus for greatest impact and how to articulate and plan for your desired outcome


$1,500.00 Payable in Full

$3,000.00 Payable in Full

Manifestation Program

The Manifestation Program is designed to manifest short-term goals by addressing immediate key issues, removing roadblocks and shifting beliefs. This program is for accelerated change and high accountability.

It includes 10 weekly 60-minute sessions by Skype, ongoing email support, tailored resources, assessments, worksheets and exercises designed to help you advance quickly.


·       You are a leader that wants to confidentially explore her own authentic leadership style to develop the skills needed to make a greater impact while staying true to your authenticity and principles   

 ·      You’re a C-level executive who needs a confidential and objective sounding board that can meet you where you are with compassion, honesty and strength while challenging your assumptions and broadening your perspective to create new possibilities for the future

·       You are ready to invest to make significant changes to your life that align with a vision for your life or business 

·       You want to move quickly into a new career or position, identifying your criteria, articulating your value, interviewing with confidence and with the support of an accountability partner and a step-by-step plan

·       You are tired of being tired all the time and want to stand up for yourself, make conscious choices for self-care, concentrate on your well-being and better manage your time, your energy and focus on achieving what is most important to you

·       You want consistent support, proven techniques and extreme focus that will keep you moving forward quickly toward your desired outcome

·       You are taking on a new challenge in your life or work and need a sounding board and accountability partner who has years of experience teaching others to tap into their power, to shift limiting beliefs and take conscious action

·       You want to actively engage a deeper conversation about significance, legacy, spirituality and meaning


$3,000.00 Paid in Full (includes the book Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You)

$3,200.00 Paid in two installments of $1,600.00

$3,600.00 Paid in three installments of $1,200.00

What Clients say about working with Alicia

Alicia has the gift of intuition.  She sees past the obvious, listens beyond the words and goes to the core of the matter very quickly.
When I first worked with Alicia I was skeptical about coaching and how someone who was not in my industry or had never been a C-level executive at a company could really provide anything valuable. She was gracious when I confessed this to her in our first session and she was undeterred. I soon realized that her strength lay in her ability to cut to the core of any matter and to guide me to see situations from a holistic perspective in ways I would never have noticed before. She notices themes and patterns where others see only disconnected elements. This has been invaluable to me. Her honesty and courageous authenticity have provided me a confidential sounding board. I realized that it is lonely at the top and I had not realized this until I worked with her. I highly recommend her to anyone in positions of authority who need a critical evaluator and great listener to help you navigate the complexities of today’s world.
I was really nervous about making the investment in coaching with Alicia.  But I found out it was so worth it; I only regret I didn’t find her sooner. Working with Alicia moved me past fear that had paralyzed me and kept me unfocused, frustrated and wasting time and energy. In our first session she honed in on what was keeping me stuck and helped me define the kind of position and work that would align with my goals and aspirations. She is very practical and her resources for resume writing, personal branding and presentation skills helped me interview with more focus and confidence. Without her help I might still be stuck in a job that kept me stagnant and didn’t allow me to grow. Now I’m in a job I enjoy with the information I need to become visible to senior management to advance in my career.  I’m sure I’ll work with her again.
I value Alicia’s ability to be present to whatever is happening in the moment.  She has taught me how to maintain calm and centered even in difficult situations. And that translates into my staff feeling more empowered to make decisions and take risks.
After working with Alicia I was able to leave behind old stories that limited me and my potential. She saw more in me than I was able to see in myself.  I enjoy how she uses stories, metaphors, humor and ideas to help me see the world differently making so much more possible than I would’ve imagined.
She just gets it! She knows more about her clients than they know about themselves. She is highly intuitive and able to explore her insights with me in a way that I can receive new information. She is both compassionate and tough when needed. I enjoy her directness and her warmth. I look forward to my sessions with her because I know that after our meeting something new and wonderful will open up for me.
Alicia brings many years of experience working with people at all levels and from everywhere in the world.  One reason I hired her was because she has seen so much through her experience with hundreds of clients but also because she is always challenging herself to go beyond her capabilities. She models daring and courage and is an inspiration to me.
Even years after working with Alicia I still refer to my coaching notes. She is a wise teacher, much more than a coach. She is an advocate for my development and is always encouraging me to keep learning and stretching. Unlike other coaches that just talk about it she practices what she preaches.








"It only takes one season to spark a lifetime of intention."

Conscious Living Mastery is a long term, hands-on and hearts-on collaborative program that guides you through each stage of transformation and into a new chapter of your life’s story. 

Designed for those fiercely dedicated to conscious living, this program is for brave individuals who want to radically resolve, reflect, recharge, and most importantly, redefine their lives on their own terms.

Conscious Living Mastery is a completely unique and immersive program, offering a level of attention that is uncommon, yet necessary, to achieve permanent and evolutionary results.

If you’ve ever wished for someone that’s traveled the road and returned to teach others, a thinking partner that can help stop the swirl of self-doubt, or a guide that demonstrates what practical spirituality looks like in the everyday, then Conscious Living Mastery is for you.

During our sessions together, I’ll help you navigate the deep waters of self-discovery, draw distinctions that lead to powerful learning experiences, and offer honest, yet compassionate, perspectives through which to view life as it unfolds.

As part of Conscious Living Mastery, we’ll schedule regular Skype calls, e-mail check-ins, and phone messages to stay in constant contact and awareness of your growth, as is so important during a transformative phase. Fieldwork will also be assigned, which may look like journaling, assessments, or development activities that immerse you in your thoughts and feelings and guide you towards more intentional and reflective habits.

Learn how to listen to your inner voice, tap into your source, live and work from your heart, and create a life full of meaning.

As your mentor and witness to radical change, I’ll guide you through the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual planes, so that you may access your best learning, feeling, and perceiving. My goal is to create a safe space for dialogue, feedback, and collaboration, so that you emerge fully equipped to own your life – from the inside out.


·       Committed to defining what intention looks and feels like in their life

·       Understand what is required for a journey of transformation

·       Feeling stuck or indecisive, in the midst of a significant transition, or are ready to reinvent themselves with authenticity

·       Looking for substantive conversations that prompt sustained change and expansion

·       Ready to address long-standing issues that have remained unresolved and limit their capacity to love, thrive and express themselves authentically



·       6-12 months of ongoing Conscious Living Mentor sessions via Skype

·       A one-day in-person or Skype kickoff retreat

·       Bi-Weekly sessions by Skype or Phone

·       Consistent support via e-mail

·       Fieldwork including worksheets, articles, journaling, and self-discovery tools

·       Flexible, always-on access to my attention, intuition, and fierce love

·       Personal Retreat at my home in Ecuador for ancestral wisdom and spiritual work (for the 12 month version)

·       Profound transformation through clarity, direction and self-knowledge


Conscious Business Mastery

"Shift how your business engages with the world, and you begin to lead from the inside out."

Conscious Business Mastery is a long term, intensive program designed to help entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders find meaning in their life’s work through soulful examination that, ultimately, leads to expansion. I work alongside artists, executives, writers, designers, spirit leaders, and business owners in any stage of their business, from conception to fully established entity, to tap into truths that lead to momentum. By creating a plan for both work and play, we work together to design a business that feels fully aligned with how you live your life and what you offer the world.

You may come after a career of success ready to discover yourself in a new phase of life where wisdom and legacy are available for contributing to a greater purpose.

Conscious Business Mastery is a transformational program designed to bring flow to business owners by marrying core values with core offerings, and self-knowledge with courageous authenticity.

As entrepreneurs, leaders, and mentors, it can be so difficult to blend who we are with what we do. It’s especially difficult when we feel isolated and paralyzed by fear of the unknown, ready to take the next step but held back by our own invisible force field. 

That’s why I work with business owners that seek to be more present and courageous in their business, exhibiting more control, confidence, and self-assuredness knowing that they’re showing up in every aspect of their work.

During our sessions together, I’ll help you identify stories, pivotal moments, and distinctions that lead to small shifts in perspective. You’ll also learn proven leadership techniques and management skills, whether you lead a team of one or many. The result will be a heart-centered yet results-driven personal transformation process that trickles into the edges of your business and blooms with clarity. With gentle guidance, direct coaching, and compassion for the journey ahead, you will find yourself the heroine of your business’s story — rather than merely the supporting actress at its whim.

As part of Conscious Business Mastery, we’ll meet over regular Skype calls, e-mail check-ins, and phone to stay present to your progress. Because this program requires much one-on-one conversation, I’m always checking in and adjusting based on how you’re feeling, the energy you’re releasing, and the small shifts you’ve made along the way. You can also expect fieldwork, which may look like relevant readings, journaling, self-assessments, worksheets, and new practices that help you peel back the layers to discover the heart and soul of your business.

Learn to be the center of your universe – and your business – and feel your business transform.

Although I’ll be your mentor on the journey ahead, I want you to know that the work you do, the pivotal moments you experience, and the intentional choices you make are all you. I want you to feel in complete control of your life and your business, learning to focus your mind and ground your heart to achieve perfect harmony with how you serve the world. Conscious Business Mastery is a safe space to talk about what works, what doesn’t, and how you can begin owning a business that blends purpose with profit.


·       Hungry to access deeper wisdom that directs the destiny of their work

·       Willing to surrender their preconceptions about what they do and how they do it

·       Committed to making a positive impact and understanding their role in changing the world

·       Open to doing the soulful work required for a journey of transformation

·       Feeling imbalanced, out of alignment, or at odds with what they say they do and what they actually do

·       Seeking guidance and partnership that sparks small shifts that lead to big results



·       6-12 months of ongoing Conscious Business Intensive sessions

·       A one-day in-person or Skype kickoff retreat

·       Bi-Weekly sessions by Skype or Phone

·       Consistent support via e-mail

·       Fieldwork including worksheets, articles, journaling, and self-discovery tools

·       Flexible, always-on access to my attention, intuition, and fierce love

·       Personal retreat at my home in Ecuador for ancestral wisdom and spiritual work (for the 12 month version)

·       Profound business clarity, confidence, and work-life alignment 


You are required to submit an application and agree to an interview to determine if this is right for both of us.

6 Months:           

$12,500 paid in full or $12,850 if paid in two installments of $6,425.00        

12 Months:           

$25,000 paid in full or $25,800 if paid in two installments of $12,900.00

The 12 month Conscious Living and Conscious Business Mastery Programs include a 5-day customized personal retreat at Oasis, my home and retreat center on the coast of Ecuador. Room and meals at Oasis and activities are included. Airfare is not included.