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Listen to Alicia's Interview on Voice America Radio's program Inside Transformational Leadership where she talks about Fierce Leadership: 10 Lessons for Women Who Lead

Lunch N' Learn Coaching Conversations - online video series for leadership development and career management

Lunch N' Learn Coaching Conversations - online video series for leadership development and career management

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Our eight videos cover:

  • Career and Work: Strategies for Career Advancement
  • Building Resiliency: Getting It All Done with Grace and Ease
  • Leading with Authenticity and Integrity: How To Embody Personal Leadership as a Way of Being
  • Tapping the Genius in You: A Conversation About Intuition, Inspiration and Creativity in Personal Development
  • Navigating The Brave New World of Job Search with my guest, resume guru Deborah Brown Volkman, Career & Job Search expert will be my guest as we talk about best practices before, during and after a job search.
  • Setting Personal Boundaries at Work: Tips on Sharing Your Personal Life at Work and Setting Boundaries
  • The Integrative Leadership Model for Women and Men: Learn How to Balance Strength and Sensitivity for Your Best Leadership
  • What Millennials Really Think About Work with my guest, Kate Campbell, Internet Entrepreneur and Millennial we explore the myths of millennials and how to leverage their work style

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Live participants shared that the sessions were full of actionable tips and resources.

Many have been able to find solutions to their questions about real-life challenging situations. Our community of participants has also been very generous in sharing their ideas, experience and solutions so you learn not only from me, but also from the group.

I am committed to sharing my experience, knowledge and resources on behalf of your ongoing development and these Lunch N Learn Coaching Conversations are one way to make leadership coaching accessible to everyone.