"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom." ~ Victor Frankel

  What I believe and how I work with you...

What I believe and how I work with you...

In the moment of crisis you have the opportunity to consciously take a stand. 

My work focuses on authenticity, resiliency, mindfulness, vision and purpose as the foundations for personal and leadership development. 

My approach integrates spirit, heart, mind and body.

I speak to the whole person, the person beyond the role, to bring forth the highest expression of your passion and purpose.


"If you want to build a ship, don't herd people together to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Executive Coaching

I work one to one with clients all over the world in person, by phone or by Zoom and Skype. Typically we meet weekly or every other week (depending on the sense of urgency and the need to accelerate development) for six months to one year. Often we continue working together either on a monthly or quarterly basis. In between sessions, you may call or email me for ongoing support and urgent matters.

I use 360 and other assessments if we agree they are useful and support your goals. In my opinion, nothing replaces open dialogue and self reflection. My role is to collaborate with you on your development, offering my experience, my support and the radical question that is waiting to emerge.

Each engagement is tailored to the client's developmental needs.

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Transformational Conversations

In a trust based relationship we engage deeper conversations that develop:

Resiliency - the ability to quickly recover from adversity

Authenticity - the quality of being genuine with an integral (spirit, heart, mind, body) approach to work and life 

Mindfulness - the practice of paying attention, making conscious choices and valuing stillness and reflection

Vision and Purpose - a compelling direction for one's life and work based on self-knowledge and a desire to bring something into being

Legacy - leveraging wisdom gained for a new way of being and working in the world

Transactional Conversations

As you advance in your career I assist you with developing a higher level skill set for your career that results in more confidence and better results.

Topics - Career Management and Career Transitions, Team Development, Getting to the Next Level, From Employee to Entrepreneur, Moving from Peer to Manager, The First Ninety Days, Reaching the C-Suite, Talent Development and Mentoring.

Skills - Communication. Management. Leadership. Influencing. Coaching. Feedback. Delegation. Energy Management. Decision Making. Team Building. Conflict Management. Emotional Intelligence. Purposeful and Strategic Leadership Skills. Effective Communication. Developing Leadership Presence. Influencing Skills for Introverts. Critical Thinking Skills.

And more.



"Don't be intimidated by what you don't know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else." ~ Sara Blakely


The Online Leadership Development Course for women ready to accelerate their career and reach Executive levels. www.superwomanceo.com

Superwoman CEO: The online leadership development program for women that has
everything you need to build confidence, lead effectively and get paid what they're worth!

The only leadership program that gives you the applicable how-to as well as the accountability you need to move from emerging leader, to rocking a senior level position.

It hands you a PROVEN roadmap. Go from where you are today, to where you want to be – so you’ll never have to experience walking out of your yearly review wondering why you didn’t get that significant promotion you thought was yours.

Stop wasting your time repeating strategies that don’t get you past a mid-level position – and instead, align everything you do with your goal of landing a leading position that serves your interests, needs and purpose.

Learning at your own pace and at your convenience. The program includes word-for-word scripts, templates, simple assessments, exercises, a Facebook community group page with live coaching sessions and candid video interviews with C-level women who share their leadership journey and best advice for aspiring leaders. It's the next best thing to having your own coach - affordable and accessible 24/7.

Women in Leadership

Integrative Leadership is the harmonious blending of active and receptive energy, regardless of gender.  Women's programs are geared to meet the realities of work and culture and to empower women to bring all of their talents and skills to innovate and impact their organizations.

Emerging Leaders Development

During a nine-month program emerging and new leaders learn the skills to better manage themselves, their teams and their bosses. This program begins with a 360 assessment on whose results we customize monthly half day sessions and private coaching sessions. Because learning is in cohorts, a common leadership language is created while building valuable cross functional relationships.

Five Essential Questions Leadership Team Facilitation

In a retreat setting leadership teams work on the Five Essential Questions that create cohesion and a powerful vision for the emergent future. Leaders learn how to engage authentic conversations from the heart to inspire their personal leadership narrative. From the answers to those questions leaders share their visions and activities for the future.

Other Topics for Facilitation and Workshops

The Space In Between: Managing Up While Managing Down

Temperament: Understanding diverse work styles for more effective collaboration

How to Get Known: Creating Your Personal Brand

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Quinta Oasis in Ecuador

Quinta Oasis is my home and retreat center on the Pacific coast of Ecuador. My clients and groups come and take an inward journey of self-inquiry. Teams discover a deeper purpose for their work. Individuals re-connect to the inspiration that is the source of their work and mission. You will be nurtured as you relax and renew yourself in natural surroundings in a country known for its spirituality, beauty and mystery.

We specialize in personal, individual intensives of at least one week based on the Ecuadorian concept of Convivencia (to live with or in community with). Clients come with the intention of resolving challenges, gaining clarity on important decisions, diving deeply to free themselves of long-lived limitations, renewing their passion and purpose and exploring questions of legacy and next chapter. They leave transformed, renewed, inspired and prepared to take meaningful and decisive action.


I run group retreats for women so they can take a "time in" to renew themselves and learn the value of self-care. Retreats focuses on practical ways to take care of yourself so you can lead effectively and live harmoniously, staying authentic to your core and integrating new perspectives to take your life, business or work to the next level.  A group retreat is typically a seven day immersion into a process of reflection, exploration and renewal in a community of women. You leave transforming the past into the creative energy to move boldly forward with your life. You gain greater clarity as you discover your power within. 

Transformational Travel

Life is about the experiences we gather along the way. These life lessons often translate into leadership wisdom. Join me in Ecuador or elsewhere on a customized adventure that will challenge you to expand your awareness of your inner and outer worlds.

For more information about Transformational Travel, Quinta Oasis in Ecuador or Group Retreats please get in touch with me.

Guest Speaking and Presentations


In my heart, I'm a storyteller. Some of my stories appear in my books, in my magazine column and in my articles. Others have to be spoken out loud and shared. 

I have had the good fortune to have a varied and rich life, not free from adversity, but shaped by it. Gathering in a group creates a synergy and community where magic can happen. Through the stories I tell you will discover aspects of your own story and be empowered to journey a bit deeper into self-knowledge. You will transform your challenges into a new capacity for living and leading.

Here are a few favorite topics and I'm open to presenting on other topics as well. 


My book, Managing Your Life Before Life Manages You, is about aligning what matters most to you and creating structures in your life to create harmony, flow, and ease between life and work. It’s true – you can create your own destiny, but only if you’re willing to act upon the world instead of allowing it to act upon you. In this talk, I’ll help you tune into what causes you the most stress, how to make small shifts that add up to a big difference, and how resilience applies to both people and organizations. This is a highly interactive presentation that requires you to work closely with your colleagues, sharing their insights and reflecting upon common threads that make up the quilt of our busy lives. You’ll leave with insight, empathy, and ideas for integrating new practices into your day, so that you and your team can navigate rapid change with confidence and resiliency.

The Space In Between: Managing Up While Managing Down

Emerging leaders today are caught between the employees they manage and the bosses who manage them.  Being adept at managing up and managing down is a skill that requires acumen, finesse and confidence.  In this interactive 60-90 minute presentation I will address successful strategies to develop the 360 leader in you.

Integrative Leadership for Women: Leveraging Your Leadership Style to Meet 21st Century Challenges

Much has been written on the distinctions between masculine and feminine ways of leading causing the discourse to be fragmented and polarized. In this talk I introduce a holistic and integral framework for leadership that is unitive and that values the attributes of leadership, inclusive of gender, as it applies to 21st century challenges. You will identify your authentic leadership style and learn practices that support integrative leadership in your daily work.


“Busy-ness” is a thief that robs us of our purpose and passion. The worst part is, it’s something we’ve invented to keep us from accessing abundant joy. In my work with clients, I’ve seen firsthand how stillness and mindfulness helps us recover our inspiration, intuition, and inner voice that sets us upon a more fulfilling path. In this talk, I’ll share the steps you can take to create an environment that encourages stillness and taps into your innate childlike wonder. You’ll hear practical ways to incorporate awareness and intention into your daily life, and new consciousness to avoid what zaps your energy from authentic happiness.


We live in a state of hypervigilance, running from invisible predators and doing our best to survive imaginary threats. There’s a campaign of fear active in our world that, paradoxically, keeps us entranced by the illusion of safety and security. This kind of generative fear pervades our culture, our thinking, and most importantly, our spirituality. As a result, we feel fragmented and disconnected from ourselves and each other. In this talk, I share personal stories about facing fear from my own past and present, and how I regularly engage the ‘dragon’ within to create transformational shifts in my life and my work. In select passages from my book, Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You, you’ll hear more about the two faces of fear we must conquer, and how that energy can be used to transform fear into energy and the unknown into motivation. This talk is perfect for helping leaders of any level overcome their own self-created obstacles and replace doubt with confidence.


I’ll be the first to admit it: I much prefer the comforts of the everyday to the discomfort of the unknown. In this talk, I share stories from my walks through the wild rainforests of Ecuador, letting you into my private conversations to understand how I use uncertainty to drive me forward. You’ll find yourself laughing at the irreverent humor within, as we walk together to encounter the wild side of Ecuador and the cavernous corners of our own lives. This talk speaks to the way we create our identity and self-worth, and how a walk through an unlikely landscape can transform the way we see ourselves.


We learn about ourselves in the most unexpected ways when we put ourselves in the most unexpected places. Suddenly, our vulnerability, tenacity, and grit are exposed, leaving us to either embrace or exert force against them. By connecting these unexpected realizations to the act of kayaking, one of my favorite hobbies, I’ll help you understand how to prepare yourself for a deep dive into courage, simplicity, empowerment and leadership. I believe that lessons learned on the water translate beautifully between life, work, and play. A splash of humor, a drop of inspiration, and a lasting transformation bring this talk alive with lessons that leave a ripple.


Ignite Annapolis: Lessons from an Accidental Paddler

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