Should I hire a coach?

This is the question that many people ask themselves when they are facing some kind of challenge or are faced with a decision they need to make or a change they must implement.

What is Coaching?

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment”.

I view coaching as a co-creative process between my client and me. Between the both of us we have the capacity to expand the way you perceive yourself and the world. When that happens, limitations are removed and you are able to see yourself as more confident and capable to create what you seek.  I am the conduit for that, through deep inquiry, suggestions and the sharing of my twenty years of experience working with individuals at all levels in organizations and from all walks of life.

Who Hires A Coach?

As a coach, I specialize in work with professional women, entrepreneurs and leaders who desire to:

      Step onto a bigger stage where you can have more influence and impact

      Create a personal brand that has others see you as a thought leader

      Find a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life and work

      Reveal your authentic leadership style while strengthening the skills required to lead

      Be a creative force for good in the world, innovating and solving for global problems

One on one coaching with me is good fit for you if you would like to:

      Become the fullest expression of your talents, skills and purpose

      Discover your true nature as the source of your power and leadership

      Find more fulfilling work, or make your current work more fulfilling

      Learn new more effective ways of managing, leading and achieving better results in less time

      Address self-doubt or negative talk that keeps you repeating the same limiting habits or stops you from actively going after more challenge

      Start to see yourself as empowered to act on your own wisdom and knowledge

      Experience more confidence and peace in your life

      Better manage the multiple roles you play in life without compromising your health and wellbeing

      Clarify and plan for the next chapter of your life and how you can find alternative ways of contributing your experience and wisdom

What Results Do I Get From Coaching?

I tell my clients that my job is to work myself out of a job. My clients learn new techniques, develop new thinking patterns and exponentially increase their self-awareness so that they can be more effective and have greater impact.  But mostly, they discover themselves in a completely new way, gaining a level of confidence that allows them to continue to develop their potential long after we conclude our work together.

How Does Coaching Work?

In our first call we determine what outcomes you want to achieve.  These can be personal in nature, such as moving through a transition or making a career change.  Or they could be business related, such as starting a new business or leading a new team.

From these outcomes I create a customized program that typically includes two to four one hour sessions per month, either by Skype, phone or in person at my office.  For CEO’s we can discuss meeting at your office as an alternative.

A typical leadership coaching engagement lasts at least nine months, sometimes longer. A personal development coaching engagement can last between three and six months.  And if you are looking to address one issue, it may only last a few sessions until that issue is resolved.

All my coaching includes any exercises or resources that I feel would be of benefit to you.  We recap each session and you commit to “fieldwork” which often includes self-awareness practices that lead to changes in behavior and thinking patterns.  For leaders, I may suggest a 360 leadership assessment to determine a baseline for your leadership competencies and to provide some objective data and focus areas for development.

We schedule our appointments in advance but I am available to you via email at all times and for short, urgent phone calls when needed.  My most committed and successful clients take advantage of access to coaching in real time when there is a need to brainstorm, make a decision, plan for a presentation or navigate an urgent conflict.

Many clients continue on a retainer basis after the initial engagement. My retainers allow clients to call and set up sessions as needed throughout the year and provides additional support in critical times. They may also continue to meet with me quarterly as an option.

How do I Choose the Right Coach?

A coaching relationship is an intimate relationship where you will feel vulnerable at times. First and most importantly you want to be able to trust your coach, not only with sensitive information but also with your feelings, fears and challenges.  I am here to support you in your journey to self-discovery, not judge or tell you what to do.  You must also be confident that your coach has the experience and skills to work with you on your desired outcomes.  It is important that your coach be specifically trained in coaching or personal development techniques and that they maintain their learning consistently.

You should interview at least three coaches before making your choice. Oftentimes coaches come with references or recommendations that you will want to check.  For a list of interview questions to ask a coach, download my free Coach Interview Questions.

How Are Coaches Trained?

There are several credentialing organizations with requirements for education and coaching hours and levels of certification.  There are also many coaching schools, each with their own philosophy and approach.  You will want to ask your coach for their training and credentials as well as their experience and references. 

I am a Professional Certified Coach with over twenty years of experience in personal development and leadership coaching.  I was trained at the Georgetown Leadership Coaching Certification Program, a program specifically geared to coaching leaders. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts from Colby College and Master’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Women’s Development and Counseling Psychology from Lesley University.  I consistently seek out traditional and non-traditional learning experiences that broaden my worldview and teach me the skills of reflection and presence so essential to my work.  To view details of my background and training read my Bio.

Hire A Coach

I hope this has helped you decide to to take the next step in reaching your potential. Let's talk about how coaching can help you reach your goals and develop your vision for the future. Schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation here.