We work with executive women, visionary leaders, creative and social entrepreneurs and global change agents.

Clients learn to lead confidently and authentically while maintaining their resiliency, valuing their wellbeing, communicating purposefully and mentoring others.


We offer executive coaching, personal development and leadership development services in person, by telephone and via Skype.

Founded by Alicia M. Rodriguez in 2000 Sophia Associates Inc. has gained a reputation for excellence.

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Alicia M. Rodriguez

 Alicia M. Rodriguez, MA, PCC

Alicia M. Rodriguez, MA, PCC

Alicia is known for her intuition, quiet presence and keen sensibilities combined with twenty years of business experience working with executive women, visionary and emerging leaders and entrepreneurs. Her clients know Alicia as a “wisdom partner” for her ability to tap their inherent wisdom and to cultivate breakthrough thinking within themselves and in their organizations. Her forté lies in her ability to create forums for meaningful dialogue that generate shifts in personal leadership and organizational alignment.  She is a catalyst for unfolding conversations at the deepest level.

Alicia combines her expertise in leadership development, experiential learning and a whole systems approach to guide her clients to innovative thinking that results in higher levels of personal and organizational agility and resilience. She achieves sustainable and generative results from building leadership into multiple levels in the organization. Her focus on Conscious Leadership in the 21st century supports leaders in meeting the adaptive challenges of our time though courageous authenticity, purposeful vision and impeccable execution.

Alicia offers a whole person transformational approach that integrates mind, body, heart and spirit practices and harmony between the active and receptive energy in every person. She works especially well with women who seek to have their voice heard and contributions valued. She guides her clients to their full potential and the embodiment of conscious leadership.  Her clients trust in her honesty and integrity and value her deep caring for their personal and professional development. 

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My Clients

My clients live and work all over the world. They are women, men, CEO's, new leaders, social entrepreneurs, and just people who are at a crossroads in their lives and recognize that it's time to fully express their creative potential. They want more from themselves and more from others. They are purpose-driven. 


They are in a process of evolving into human beings and leaders that have the capacity to make real change in their organizations, communities and in the world. 

If you are looking for a partner to help you reach the next level in your life and work, someone who will challenge you, nudge you and dare you to be more, then you've come to the right place.

To find out if we are right for each other read more about our clients and their results.

Conscious Leadership

Work with Me

If you are looking for a traditional coach, you won't find her here. After coaching individuals and leaders for almost twenty years I've learned a bit about human nature. To produce quantum developmental leaps, the kind that rock the status quo and get you thinking about limitless possibilities, you need someone who will ask the radical question.


If you are looking to grow as a leader and as a human being, if you are willing to tap into your heart and mind to produce an extraordinary life or purpose driven business or disruptive solution to a global problem, then we should talk.

Our Coaches, Consultants and Facilitators

No one person can do it alone. I'm honored to have a cadre of colleagues that work with Sophia Associates to deliver excellent services to our clients.

I match the right consultant, facilitator or coach to each client. There are times when that coach is not me because there is someone who is a better match or more qualified in a particular domain.

My clients trust me to provide the right person for the engagement. Our Associates are all certified, trained and highly experienced. They have worked in non-profits, private sector, education, medical, financial and government.  They are skilled in delivering numerous assessments, in facilitation of groups and in executive coaching.

I also enjoy strategic relationships with several other firms that have the capacity to deliver global programs on a large scale. For large scale leadership development programs contact me regarding my global partners.