VIP Personal Retreats

Leaders must periodically find time to step back, reflect and reconnect to their purpose and vision.

Some leaders may feel the need to redefine their personal leadership as they take on a significant challenge.

Others are simply…exhausted…sensing that they are losing their drive and and inspiration.

Mature leaders may be transitioning into a post career phase in their lives and so they begin to explore issues of legacy and perhaps a need to reinvent themselves anew.

Coming for your personal retreat will allow you to nourish your soul as you relax and renew in natural surroundings in a country known for its spirituality, beauty and mystery.

I only take one person at a time. All my focus is on you, your goals, objectives and well-being.

Our VIP Personal Retreats take place in different locations in Ecuador. Some on the warm coast and some in the majestic mountains. These retreats are custom, immersive experiences of at least one week incorporating the Ecuadorian concept of Convivencia (to live with or in community with).

Clients resolve challenges, gain clarity on important decisions, dive deeply to free themselves of long-lived limitations, renew their passion and purpose and find the space to explore questions of legacy.

Leave transformed, renewed, inspired and prepared to take meaningful and decisive action.

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Women’s Retreats

Focus on practical ways to take care of yourself so you can lead effectively and live harmoniously, staying authentic to your core and integrating new perspectives to take your life, business or work to the next level. A group retreat is typically a seven day immersion into a process of reflection, exploration and renewal in a community of women. You leave transforming the past into the creative energy to move boldly forward with your life. You gain greater clarity as you discover your power within. Each retreat holds a maximum of ten women.

Retreats in Ecuador

Transformational Travel

Life is about the experiences we gather along the way.

These life lessons often translate into leadership wisdom. Join me in Ecuador on a customized adventure that will challenge you to expand your awareness of your inner and outer worlds. Incorporating a new cultural experience with exploration and adventure nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit and in a group builds camaraderie and teamwork. Whether it’s a DIY personal retreat or you’re interested in bringing a small group of colleagues or friends, we are available to support you in this adventure.

For more information about VIP Personal or group Retreats please get in touch with me.