Here are a few comments from Executive Coaching Clients and Participants of my Presentations

Peter Schwartz - Startup Specialist now helping business owners grow their business and develop the leadership team

Alicia is the first person I think of when I am working with a senior executive that happens to be a woman. Whose needs at the time can best be met by another woman who can resonate in that special way. Alicia is that kind of woman. Her combination of education, experience and presence are especially valuable when dealing with all the competing commitments that today's executives face.

Paola Moya - Chief Executive Officer / Marshall Moya Architects, DC

Alicia blew my mind with a professional coaching session I had with her. I always knew that as entrepreneurs we need help to improve our capacity for vision, leadership, strategy and values, but I didn't know much guidance I needed. Thank you Alicia for being so professional and helpful. Our conversation is shaping me to improve my skills as entrepreneur.

Linda Strohmeyer - Board Chair: Prosperity Catalyst, Board Director: Vision Trust International

Alicia provided executive coaching and leadership consultation to our organization and with great success. Alicia is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and was able to provide tactical advice and recommendations for specific challenges, along with thoughtful and insightful guidance for longer term strategy initiatives.

Sarah Degnan Kambou - President, International Center for Research on Women

Alicia is the consummate executive coach. She is deeply supportive yet at the same time skillfully direct, and helps her mentees make courageous decisions about adapting their management style. And she is incredibly creative in helping people learn new skills and competencies. What energy!

Luis Guardia - COO at ONE Campaign

Alicia is everything a coach should be. She pushes you to be your best. As the old saying goes, "you need to do the work in order to cross the moat." In order to really define who you are as a leader and un-tap transformative creativity, there is some work involved. Alicia will help steer you in the right direction and ensure you get it done.

Gerri Mason Hall - Corporate Vice President, Learning and Performance, Sodexo

I highly recommend Alicia Rodriguez as a "wisdom partner" for any organization committed to internally developing future leaders. She has been instrumental in cultivating leaders through individual and group coaching. An ideal partner, she is confidential and trustworthy while driving for results.

Carl Benscoter - Senior Vice President at Full Circle Group

I've had the pleasure of working with Alicia on several occasions. When working with clients I have found her to be professional, confident, articulate, and client-focused. Alicia often brings a fresh point of view to situations. I find her to be outcome driven and someone with whom I can easily collaborate.

Bob Bunshaft - Principal, Co-Founder at Corporate Acumen Partners

The first thing you recognize in Alicia is that she is authentic. Because of this, there is an immediate trust that she will do what she says and knows what she is doing. She is at once bold, fearless and compassionate. Alicia is a great asset to any organization, team or individual looking to access and develop their leadership potential.

Mary Anne Richman - MARS Productions, Inc. Master at creating inspired meetings and unforgettable experiences

Alicia's amazing insight has helped me to navigate my way through extremely difficult situations. Her deep understanding of human nature, extensive business experience and unique approach to problem solving, have opened my mind to many possibilities and always produce highly successful results. She is an inspiration to me.

K. Reuter, Senior Executive (women’s leadership coaching)

Most outstanding for me was really understanding and working to modify the behaviors that were holding me back – tactical preoccupation, tentative language, hesitancy to associate and network with peers at the appropriate level, etc.  This was a great opportunity to really look at my behaviors and myself and understand how to change those behaviors for success.

The Space In Between: Managing Up While Managing Down

“Alicia gave a talk to the ULI Washington Next 10 group on The Space In Between, which really highlighted what those who manage employees but still have a manager can do to manage both ways. She gave a great talk and really did a great job asking questions of us and giving us information that we all could use. I think we all walked a way feeling more empowered and confident in how we could be better leaders and make a true impact.” Jeremy Hurlbutt, Director of Planning for the Town of La Plata, MD


Integrative Leadership for Women: Leveraging Your Leadership Style to Meet 21st Century Challenges

“When I approached Alicia about speaking at an industry event, we discussed topics that would be relevant to the group. Alicia helped me develop the topic, finding one that would be beneficial to the group than the topics I originally considered. During her presentation, she monitored the audience and adjusted her presentation as needed. This ability enabled her to keep the audience engaged and focused. When one audience member presented a specific issue, Alicia quickly understood the issue. She asked the participant various questions that resulted in the participant identifying the issue herself and then made several suggestions that the participant could easily implement. She has a keen understanding of issues that everyone, especially women, face in life. By the end of the presentation, we left feeling we had learned valuable information and tools that will assist us in our lives, both work and personal. Alicia is a direct communicator, while at the same time very inspirational and engaging. She helps people focus and provides the tools needed to improve and change.”Debra Goldstein, Real Estate Executive


Slaying the Dragon: Fear, Spirituality and Stories

"Ms. Rodriguez shares her wealth of wisdom with simple but profound urgings to do things like “start a new adventure,” or “dance, sing, tell a story, listen to silence,” or “pause, breathe, center and respond”—advice that seems deceptively simple yet yields tangible results if you follow it."

Donna Rodriguez, participant


Building Resiliency in Times of Rapid Change: Keys to Managing Self, Life, Work and Business

“Alicia graciously agreed to give a presentation on leadership to a new group of middle and upper managers from a variety of companies. Her clear advice and succinct explanations for how to handle many difficult work scenarios far surpassed the expectations of the group. Alicia proved she is a keen leader in the areas of workplace management, leadership coaching and interpersonal communication. I highly recommend Alicia to anyone or any organization looking to improve its effectiveness.”Evan Weisman, LEED AP, Director, Development at First Potomac Realty Trust


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