If you are a CEO, Senior Executive or Entrepreneur you may be feeling that...

       The pace and complexity of your environment makes it difficult for you to lead in the same way as before

       You are in “over your head” and are beginning to doubt yourself and you lack the self-awareness to reflect before acting to make the best decisions

       Your leadership needs to improve but you don’t know what needs to be strengthened and what skills you could be leveraging

       You are expending too much energy and not getting results

       The speed and pace of business is compromising your vision and purpose requiring you to develop more agility in the organization

       The problems you must solve cannot be solved at the level in which they were created and you need to adapt but you’re not sure how

       Your next line leadership pipeline is weak and you are not confident in their ability to work collaboratively

       Your personal life is beginning to suffer from stress, inattention and poor habits that compromise your resiliency, wellbeing and relationships

       You are ready to begin your legacy conversation and need someone to help you clarify the next phase of your life

Imagine the possibilities if you could…

       See the opportunities in business problems and strategically execute against these

       Feel grounded, calm and confident especially through crisis

       Demonstrate the skills and new approaches that define your personal brand

       Define and develop a high performing executive team through your coaching and vision oriented approach

       Courageously allow your authenticity to shine through bringing deeper purpose and fulfillment to your life

       Create a culture of innovation, risk tolerance and openness that generates new ideas and solutions

       Inspire others to be more in the world and for the world with a greater purpose and social impact

       Implement mindfulness practices that maintain your resiliency and wellbeing so that you are at your optimum

       Make every success a page in your legacy story that positions you to embrace your next chapter in life

Being a 21st century leader is fraught with uncertainty and complexity. The best leaders consider, anticipate and indeed create the emerging future. Our world needs high-integrity leaders that build bridges between cultures, between technologies and between industries.  This approach to leadership is deeply rooted in a transformational worldview that transcends self-interest for the collective good of the organization, its stakeholders and the larger community.  We need conscious leaders who balance the feminine and masculine aspects of our humanity with an integrated awakened leadership.

Receiving support and engaging an objective thinking partner is critical in times of rapid change and growth. You need someone to provide a confidential sounding board for your concerns, to give you honest feedback, challenge your assumptions and inspire you to move beyond your perceived limitations to your full potential. Every successful leader has a leadership coach to help you stay the course, act on purpose, engage a broader perspective and maintain resiliency.

Who I Work With

Women Executives | Entrepreneurs

Integrative Leadership is the harmonious blending of active and receptive energy, regardless of gender.  Women's coaching is geared to meet the realities of work and culture and to empower women to bring all of their talents and skills to innovate and impact their organizations.  Women begin to value their intuition, speak their opinions, make time for their self-care and confidently engage difficult and strategic conversations. My online leadership program for women Superwoman CEO is designed to get you promotion ready within twelve months without sacrificing who you are or being inauthentic.

C-Level Leaders | Senior Executives | Social Entrepreneurs

The visionary leader or entrepreneur that knows the value of combining courageous authenticity with impeccable execution skills in order to meet global challenges.  Our clients tap into an integrative approach that combines spirit, mind, body and heart.  Purposeful leaders value wisdom and intuition as important as knowledge and strategy. Leaders who desire a compelling direction for their life and work based on self-knowledge and a desire to bring something significant into being.

Emerging Leaders

Less experienced leaders who want to develop their authentic leadership style based on conscious leadership practices.  Younger leaders who are considered high potential but lack experience benefit from grounding their leadership in a strong skill set and mindful practices.

Legacy Leaders

C-Suite executives who are inspired to leave the traditional model of work and desire to make a more personal contribution to the world through their experience and hard earned wisdom. A leader who is in a transition and seeking a deeper sense of meaning for his/her life through the expression of their values.

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